Five Best Sushi to Try in Dubai

Five Best Sushi to Try in Dubai

Not tasting the delectable sushi items at a plush restaurant in Dubai makes your food tour of the city incomplete. Keep the activity as a top priority, as recently Dubai is witnessing a huge popularity of a wide range of sushi food. You would definitely love the exotic flavors of this traditional Japanese food. In Dubai, local touches have been added to the delicacy. The best sushi in Dubai is available in different types, at top restaurants, which serve high-end customers, diplomats and foodies. There are 5 types of sushi items you must try in Dubai.

Nigiri Sushi

You can try your adventurous journey of tasting sushi with the lovely Nigiri sushi with an indomitable yet sublime taste. Special skills are needed to prepare it. Classy Dubai restaurants serve this sushi to customers like you with refined tastes on exotic cuisines. Fish is of course the major ingredient used in Nigiri, along with rice. But there are sushi eateries that use meat to cook the delicacy. You can, in fact, ask the chef about the recipe details when you visit a good restaurant, in a Dubai mall.

Gunkan Sushi

The approach to cook Gunkan Sushi is totally different from that of Nigiri, but you would like this, too, as it has a unique flavor, with a sublimity of its own. Gunkan sushi is a favorite food of many sushi enthusiasts in Dubai. These sushi items are readily available at various sushi restaurants in Dubai. But you should choose a reputable restaurant to experience authentic sushi flavors. Gunkan is colorful in appearance and made by stuffing raw fish in a pattern, which provides an aesthetic appeal to the food, impressing the customers.

Roll Sushi Items

Are you an ‘intermediate’ sushi lover? The term ‘intermediate’ is used funnily, of course. On a serious note, if you have already experienced a few of the sushi delicacies, it is time to move to a newer item, known as sushi roll. As you can guess, the sushi is in the form of a nicely designed roll. Even the veteran sushi lovers are in love with these rolls. They have an incredible taste and melt in your mouth.


There is always an argument about whether it is right to call sashimi a genuine sushi item, because of its distinct appearance and flavor. Nevertheless, it is a popular item in Dubai that you should try.

Combination Sushi Dish

The dish has each kind of major sushi item, extravagantly displayed.

Taste Sushi at a Sushi Buffet

You can try tasting the cuisine at the best sushi buffet in Dubai.

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