Guide to How Visual Effects Works in a Movie

Guide to How Visual Effects Works in a Movie

There is a visual effect company that uses visual effects to tell different stories, this is something that is used a lot even by a lot of blockbuster movies in order to enhance the story and make it more detailed, properly explain the story. Since visual effects deal with the manipulation of on-screen images, film houses use them to create creatures, objects, environments, and it can even go as far as creating humans, it helps these movies become more detailed and tells the story well because they can now fully express it and show what they are trying to tell us. Here is a guide for you to fully understand how visual effects work and how they are used in movies.


This refers to computer-generated imagery, it is the creation of digital film visual effects on a screen. The graphics can range from 2D or 3D, but when it comes to CGI the imagery is usually in 3D. This is used to great things like monsters in a movie, or a stadium filled with a lot of people, or a concert hall with screaming fans, the possibilities of things that could be created by a visual effect’s artist using this is endless.


This is where visual effect artists combine different things gotten from different places and make them look like they are all in the same place at the same time, this is also known as chroma keying. This type of visual effect requires the use of a green or blue screen and then replacing it during post-production with the object or thing that is supposed to be there. It is used to show amazing landscapes that can’t be filmed.

Motion Capture

This type of visual effect is one that was done for movies like Beauty And The Beast: The Movie, it is the capturing of an actors movement in a digital recording process and then those movements would be transferred to a computer-generated image 3D model, it was used for the filming and making of the beast. It is sometimes called performance capture when it includes recording the facial expressions made by the actor.

These are a few things the visual effect sector of a video production company in Dubai tackle and how they work.

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