Web Hosting Companies – Understanding Everything About Them

Web Hosting Companies – Understanding Everything About Them

There are different types of web hosting services. These include; shared, dedicated, VPS, reseller, and cloud hosting. Each of these web hosting services is designed to provide unique hosting packages. Most of the web hosting companies today have added office 365 to their package deals to enable users to perform several tasks more efficiently. The office 365 price in UAE is approximately 16.53 Dirham per month.

Websites are like engines that drive your business especially when your business has an online focus. Choosing a mediocre web host is like installing the wrong spare parts on your machine. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing a web host.

Technical Support

Your web host should have a technical team on standby to handle any issues that may arise with the servers. The technical team of your host company should institute firewalls on their server to ensure your website doesn’t suffer from any security breaches such as ransomware.  Furthermore, your host should have a proactive customer care department that can respond to your inquiries 24/7 via email, toll-free phone calls, live chat, and more.

Email Services

When choosing a web hosting provider, consider email features such as spam protection and email virus protection.


The competitive nature of the web hosting business leads web hosting companies to resort to offering perks such as unlimited bandwidth in a bid to attract more clients to their services. However, you should review the uptime of a company before choosing its hosting services. A good web host should provide an uptime of up to 99.9%.  At this uptime rate, your clients will be able to access your website 24/7, thereby increasing the productivity of your business.

Web Hosting Prices

It’s no secret; you get what you pay for when trading. As such, as luring as an affordable web hosting company may be, they should back their price with reliability. Your hosting provider should have in-house support, state of the art hardware, and offer additional services like e-commerce hosting and so on. You should ensure that the features and services your hosting provider offers are worth their asking price.

Control and User Panel

Choose a web host whose control panel is easily maneuverable. Not everyone is tech-savvy, and the last thing you want to do is make frequent customer support calls asking for directions on how to perform diminutive tasks. A good control panel should easily install WordPress, set up your email, and be straightforward enough to enable you to easily update your site without having to take painkillers from the exhaustion and futile attempts. Look for the best web hosting in Dubai and for an enhanced experience.

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